Locate a Clinic

Visit our clinics for vaccinations, exams, microchipping and more for your dogs and cats at affordable prices. Drop-in visits are always welcomed at our locations so your pets can get the care they deserve. Our services can save you up to 70% off annual veterinary cost.

Clinic Locations Map

During your visit, all pets should be leashed and/or kenneled for their protection at our clinics. We reserve the right to deny services to any pets that are uncontrollable by their owners. Pets should be muzzled prior to the clinic if they are overly aggressive.

At the Clinic

Please bring in any medical history of your pet so that we can determine the vaccinations that are due for your pet. If you do not have a record of your pet’s vaccination, our staff will offer recommendations based on your pets age and weight. If you do not have the information because perhaps the Adoption or Foster Care was unable to provide this information, we will make our best recommendations of what vaccinations should be given to keep your pet healthy.

Patient Form

Be prepared to complete our 2-part form. The original is kept by the clinic and the 2nd page is your receipt which shows the vaccinations given and when Rabies is given it is your “Rabies Certificate”.

This form must be completed on EVERY visit because it is your receipt & proof of what vaccinations are given.

The yellow document that you receive should be kept in a safe place. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to provide a copy of this document to your primary Veterinarian, your Boarding Facility, your Groomer and for Licensing Purposes. There is $5.00 charge for the replacement copy of this form and for lost rabies tags.

Keeping Record

It’s also important that you keep a record of your pet’s health throughout his or her life span so that your vet can accurately diagnose any health related issues. If you have something like this, share it with us.