Flea Prevention Steps

As warmer weather approaches, keep your pet flea FREE.

Any good flea prevention program will have multiple steps. This process can be overwhelming but we are here to help. If not done properly, you can waste a lot of time and money. It is very important to continue the prevention process by using topical.

  1. Remove fleas from the home: Flea eggs, larvae and pupae can hide in your carpet, bedding, rugs and other places. You can’t be free of them without getting rid of them from the surrounding environment first.
  2. Treating your pet:Use shampoos and sprays to remove fleas from your pet. Remember to properly spread shampoo all over your pet’s body and leave it on for the prescribed about of time. Do not use more than two flea and tick products at a time. Overuse of flea products can lead to other skin problems.
  3. Keep the flea population in check by using topical preventatives on your pet. REMEMBER the easiest ways to avoid flea problems is PREVENTION: Using products regularly will inhibit insect growth and development. It will help you prevent pests from getting out of hand.