Having a loved dog or cat approaching the end of its life can be a difficult time for the entire family. Once you have made the decision to assist your pet in their passing, choose an option that provides the greatest comfort to your pet. Dr. Teague offers in home euthanasia, ensuring your pet transitions painlessly and peacefully. Dr. Teague will complete the process in a warm and familiar environment where your pet is most at ease.

By allowing your pet to pass on within the comforts of his or her home, you avoid the further stress that can come from taking them to a hospital or vet. Dr. Teague specializes in pet euthanasia and has brought peace to families in Denver, CO for many years. He understands the difficulties that come with this decision and takes great care to ensure a peaceful transition.

What to Expect:

Dr. Teague helps perform the procedure in the comfort of your own home. He allows you and your family as much time as needed with the pet once the process has been completed. Dr. Teague can take care of the cremation as well.

Prices depend on the size of your pet.

  • Housecall and euthanasia fee: $250 to $300
  • Communal cremation with no pet’s ashes returned: $50 to $110
  • Private cremation with the return of the pet’s ashes: $120 to $190

There is an additional fee for emergency house calls including Sunday’s or evening appointments as well as for appointments in outlying areas from the central downtown Denver area.

In-Home pet euthanasia service by appointment only.  Please call Dr. Teague directly at 435-669-7801 for a quote on euthanasia services and cremation arrangements.