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Exposure to mosquitoes can cause your pet to be infected with heartworm disease. Heartworm disease is prevalent in all 50 states in the US during the spring and summer season. Once exposed and infected, it is a difficult issue to diagnose and cure.

Vaccination Guide

Why Should I Vaccinate My Pet? Puppies and kittens are naturally susceptible to common diseases. They rely on the mother’s milk, which contains protective proteins during the first few days after birth, to protect against a number of diseases. The protective antibodies begin to wear off after several weeks, and can expose the newborn to…

How to Groom Your Pet

Grooming for your pet entails not only bathing your pet regularly, but also cleaning their ears, clipping their nails and doing other things that ensure your pet doesn’t just look great, but feel great as well. Grooming is also a wonderful way for your pet to bond with you as it sets aside time for you and your pet to be together. Grooming your Dog There are many benefits that comes with grooming your dog.

Arthritis and Pets

Degenerative joint disease is characterized by the loss of the smooth cartilage that covers and protects the end of the bones in a movable (synovial) joint. The cartilage has no nerves so when it touches the cartilage of another bone, there is no pain. When the cartilage wears away, the bone is exposed.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworms, Dirofilaria immitis, belong to the same class of worms as roundworms and are similar to them in appearance. Heartworms spend their adult life in the right side of the heart and the large blood vessels connecting the heart to the lungs. They can be found in both dogs and cats.