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How often should my pet see a veterinarian?

Young, healthy pets should generally receive annual wellness exam and vaccinations as needed. If your pet has any health issues, then we recommend you visit your vet at least twice a year and monitor his or her health as frequently to ensure the best care for your pet.

Can the veterinarian at your clinic prescribe heartworm medication for my pet?

After passing a heartworm test with a negative test result, our veterinarians can then prescribe heartworm prevention medications to your pet. You may purchase the medication from our clinics.

Why Should I Vaccinate My Pet?

Puppies and kittens are naturally susceptible to common diseases. They rely on the mother’s milk, which contains protective proteins during the first few days after birth, to protect against a number of diseases. The protective antibodies begin to wear off after several weeks, and can expose the newborn to a number of viruses.

Vaccinations are recommended so that the newborn’s immune system are strengthened and prepared to fight off viruses. The result is a significant drop in the occurrence of a viral infection or death at early age. By vaccinating, you are ensuring your pet’s health with a strong and active immune system.

Are vaccines required by law for licensing my pet?

Only the Rabies Vaccine is required by law as the disease can be a health threat to humans and other animals.

How many vaccinations do we need for our pet?

Starting at 6-8 weeks of age is when you should start a series of vaccinations for your pet. Re-vaccinating every 3-4 weeks until 16 weeks of age. After this period, they will need to re-vaccinate every 1-3 years according to your current state’s law.

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